Flabbergast has a Worry-Free Playground!

Germ Flabbergast has a Worry Free Playground!

Flabbergast has a Worry-Free playground for your kids.

To keep our inflatables clean and germ free, we use antimicrobial cleaners at least once per day. This helps keep you and your family worry-free about picking up anything from other kids jumpin’ around our play area. The Cleaner is Chemical Free, safe product that is made from the best science and nature has to offer.

The disinfectants are recognized by the EPA for killing:

  • Staph
  • E. Coli
  • Strep
  • Salmonella
  • Pseudoviorias aeruginosa
  • Poliovirus type 1
  • Influenza A
  • Rhinovirus 37

So don’t settle for a dirty play ground for your kids! We are just minutes away from Interstate 94 off Hwy164.

Located at Hwys 164 & K at W248 N5250 Executive Drive in Sussex.

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