Fundraising Info


Fundraisers are perfect for elementary school PTO’s, community groups, children’s foundations, sports clubs, and any organization that serves or has members that are parents and children. Our facility is great for small and large groups.

FUNDRAISING – Easiest Way To Earn Dollars!

A Fundraiser at Flabbergast is easy for your organization to promote and run. There are no UP-FRONT COSTS and we do not charge your group for ANYTHING!

Flabber 5 Admission Pass!

  1. Sell A Flabber 5 Pass for $25.00 ( A 45% Savings)
  2. 50% Profit.  You keep $12.50 for every pass sold!
  3. Promote your event on your newsletters, announcements, website etc.
  4. Show up and play!

The amount of money you make depends on your organization’s involvement!

Prize Incentives for Top Sellers!!! 

Passes can be used for Birthday Gifts, Stocking Stuffers, or just a discounted day of play Flabbergast!

BIG MONEY! Immediate Results!

Help Promote An Active Entertainment Option For The Entire Family!

We hope to see you soon. Please give us a call and reserve your spot today!

Contact Us To Reserve Your Date!

(262) 246-0711

Outside Food Policy

No outside food or drinks are permitted by Flabbergast.

fundraisingpic Fundraising Info