FUNdamentals Morning Club

 Flabbergast has a Morning Club!

Monday through Friday beginning at 9:00am until 12:00pm. Flabbergast welcomes caregivers and young children to enjoy quality playtime! Cost is $6.95 per child (for children  18mos-4yrs).    Children over the age of 5yrs ARE WELCOME to play as well! REGULAR ADMISSION COSTS apply to children over the age of 5yrs.

Members of our Morning Club include MOPS, nannies, moms, dads and especially grandma’s and grandpa’s!

Our Morning Club provides EXCLUSIVE use of our FUNdamentals Classroom which contains soft play, slides and other great toys!





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Outside Food Policy

No outside food or drinks are permitted by Flabbergast.

Remember we are located in Sussex, a short drive from Milwaukee, Waukesha and Brookfield!