Party Safety Rules

Flabbergast indoor family fun has implemented our code of conduct as well as our safety rules below.  We take great pride in providing our families with a place for indoor fun that can be enjoyed by kids of all ages. Your child’s Birthday party in Sussex will be fun and safe!

Flabbergast Safety Rules

-         NO shoes, jewelry, combs, hair clips, or other sharp or hard objects that may cause injury to other children or the inflatables.

-         NO Running

-         NO food, drink, or gum allowed on the inflatables.

-         NO flips, wrestling, or horseplay.

-         ONLY use marked entrances and exits.

-         NO climbing up netting or walls.

-         Adults CANNOT bounce with children.

-         Adults may ASSIST children.

-         Only 1 rider at a time is allowed on any inflatable slide or obstacle course.

-         NO hitting, shaking, or tipping any arcade games.

-         ALWAYS listen to the Flabbergast staff for any additional safety instructions.